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Q: What are any 3 effects of heat on a body?
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What are 3 things you can measure in degrees?

wheather , pool heat and body heat

What are three effects that the sun can have on earth?

1.Photosynthesis 2.Heat 3.Weather

3 conductors of heat?

Your body, UV Light, and The Sun.

What are the effects of the human body with out the hormones?

The effects of the human body with out the hormones are those-1.They can not growth properly. their body lot of disease are found 3.In human body[male & female] not matured in their age

Does anyones horse eating them 3 months without any adverse effects?

---- ---- ---- ---- *

What are the three ways in which heat is lost from the body?

1. conduction 2. convection 3. radiation

Are there any side effects if we decide to do a ADD treatment?

Side effects include loss of sleep and loss of appetite. It is considered a Class 3 narcotic.

What 3 things can happen to radiated heat when it arrives at any surface?

The 3 things that can happen to radiated heat when it arrives at any surface are:1. It can be Transmitted2. Absorbed3. Reflected

How TV effects the human body?

yes, becouse of eye vision and your doctor should require about 3-5 hours

Process of heat loss from the body?

The four mechanisms of heat loss are:Evaporation - When heat is used to convert the water in sweat to water vapour it helps cool the body downRadiation - exposed parts of the body radiate heat away from the bodyConduction - clothes and other objects in contact with the body take the heat upConvection - when air passes over exposed parts of the body it is heated and rises upwards. It is then replaced with cool air (causing convection currents)

Name Any two effects of electric current?

1. induces magentic field around the conductor.2.Generates heat in the conductor.3. Causes shock if flows through human body.AnswerThe three 'effects' of an electric current are its heating effect, its magnetic effect, and its chemical effect.It's magnetic effect (resulting in the force between parallel conductors) is used to define the ampere.

Are there any other types of heat transfer?

There are 3 main Heat Transfer Mechanisms: Conduction, Convection and Radiation.