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there is a heart, fire, question mark, science logo, leaf, star, dirt, water drop, dew drop, moon shape, and diamond shape essencce on My sims kingdom.

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Q: What are all the essences on your sims kingdom?
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How do you get all the essences in my sims kingdom?

you dig for them & mine them

How do you use more than two essences on My Sims Kingdom?

I love the Sims kingdom too and all you have to do is follow what you have to do in your missions

How do you find elegant essences on my sims kingdom wii?

there are no elegant essences

How do you find angry essences on my sims kingdom?

Angry essences are found by running on the treadmill.

On your sims Kingdom how do you get rocket essences?

to get the rocket essences go to rocket reef and shake trees that have rocket essences.

Where do you find the essences for building the lab on my Sims kingdom for Wii?

You can usually find all essences when you pull up weeds. You will need patience but it should work.

Where can you find alien essences on My Sims Kingdom?

In a place around that area.

What essence do you need to build the gondola base in my sims kingdom for ds and How?

you need the 4 raindrop essences and the gold planet essences

What essences do you need to make a snowman or igloo on my sims kingdom?

You need the bubble essence

Where do you find the and the planet essences in my sims kingdom ds?

go to the ski lift and use the extracator

Where is a List of essences for My Sims kingdom on ds?

Press R and you will see the list on the top screen.

How do you make a slide on my sims kingdom ds?

To make a slide you need to gets 2 bubble essences.