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Q: What are all of the general liability class codes for a general contractor?
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General Liability class codes?

Audiology GL class code

What are general liability insurance codes?

you can get the codes from the iso website.

Does a contractor's liability include code requirements of surrounding areas?

Code requirement? If you mean code violations, in most states, (or counties, depending on how the permit system is set up in that area), the contractor is only liable for violations of any codes that are part of the work performed in the job.

Is an architect responsible for the quality of building work?

The quality of the "building work" or of the quality of the construction falls on the contractor for the project. The contractor might be the "project manager" (a general contractor) who hires all the other work done and insures all the contractors do their parts per the architectural requirements and the building codes. On smaller projects, the contractor might do all of the work himself. Or most of it, hiring out the rest and overseeing it. Large projects include engineers of all "flavors" who are supplied by the general contractor and also the subcontractors in the various specialty areas. But someone has to have the point and make the final decisions regarding the work and its quality, and the general or prime contractor has that task.

Whose responsibility is it if PA building codes arent followed and as a result you have to tear out the foundation of your new home - we hired OH contractor who didnt know PA codes?

It is the contractor's responsibility to know the building codes in the jurisdiction in which he is working.

What is class code 47052 for general liability insurance?

Class code 91585 is contractors - subcontracted work - in connection with building construction, reconstruction, repair or erection - buildings. There are also several sub codes under this.

How do you get a general contractors license in Texas?

General contractors licenses are not issued at the state level in Texas. Individuals interested in obtaining a license for a general contractor will have to do so at the city and county level by purchasing a building permit and/or signing a document saying you understand the restrictions and codes.

Where do you find Protection Class Codes in Washington?

Protection class codes in Washington are determined by the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau.

Does first class mail require zip codes?

All mail requires zip codes, whether it's first class or not.

When does one hire a general contractor?

When the project is going to take more resources than you have available in your tool chest. Hiring a general contractor for major building renovations also ensures all the new structural changes will be done according to current building codes and that you will have gotten all the necessary permits. This is very important whenever the time comes that you want to sell the house, if that what you are modifying. Also, peace of mind ... general contractors are generally insured and licensed. If they do something wrong, they have to fix it.

Does hot water heater replacement require licence contractor?

Usually not, but check with local sewer authority about codes.

Where can I find a good electric contractor?

Consult NECA, which is a national organization of electricians and electric contractor. It is based on the national regulations of electrical codes and has been approved by many state and local building inspection authorities. Make sure also that your electric contractor is licensed.