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Q: What are Three physical factors affecting community health?
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What are the factors affecting community health?

1. Political factors 2. Socio-cultural factors 3. Economic factors 4. Environment factorspolitical,socio-economic,heredity,environment,bahavior, and health care delivery systems

What are the list of physical education?

Covered under the heading of Physical Education Training (and development) is; Anatomy and physiology Health, fitness and training Factors affecting performance Injuries

How do inheritance affect your physical health?

Your matabolic rate can be inherited, thus affecting your physical health.

What are factors that affect health community?

factor which affect health status of local community

What environmental factors affecting health?

Pollution Nutrition Allergies Stress

What are the Factors affecting the mental health?

Having mental friends

Factors that contribute to a heathy home and community?

the most dominate factors that contribute to a healthy home and community are to give heed to the word of god, for the entrance of his word into a persons spirit brings illumination,and both spiritual and physical health.

Factors affecting health communication?

Social Factors:- Gender- Ethnicity- Education- Age- Social ClassPsychological Factors:- Values- Beliefs- AttitudesWider Community:- Access to services- Parental Control- Political Climate- Peer Pressure- Economic- Financial- Access to Resources

What are the factors that decide the health of the people?

physical ,mental and social health are some factors that decide the health of the people

Factors affecting good mental health?

Hereditary Factor.Physical Factor.Socio-cultural Factor.

What are the different factors affecting culinary practices?

The different factors affecting food ways and culinary practices are: 1. geographical location 2. Climate 3. Topography 4. History 5. Religion 6. Economic Factors 7. Psychological Factors 8. Health Concerns 9. physical 10. psychological 11. social 12. culture 13. sensory

What are the physical factors that affect health?