What are GMAC bank CD rates?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What are GMAC bank CD rates?
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What banks offer the highest CD interest rates?

GMAC Bank has the highest CD interest rate at 2.80%. GMAC Bank also has the highest rate on 12/3 at 3.75percent with a minimum of 500 deposited for a 6 month CD.

what rate can i get for a $1000.00 cd for 12-18 mo.?

Here is an example of current rates with a $500 minimum deposit: GMAC Bank CD rates: 12 month 4.25% 18 month 4.26%

What are cdrates?

CD rates are the interest rates you earn on your CD deposit. The rates can vary from bank to bank.

Will a bank have the best certificate of deposit rates?

Try to compare CD rates in your area. This site,, claims to have the most current and competetive CD bank rates throughout the country. Depending on the bank, they usually do have the best CD rates. You can compare rates on

What bank pays the highest cd interest rates?

Bank of America offers the highest CD rates in the industry.

Where are the highest CD rates in Houston Rates CD rates amergy bank Houston?

A CD with a maturity date of 5 years is currently paying 2.45% interest at the Bank of Houston. This is the highest yielding CD offered by the bank.

Which bank is giving the best cd rates?

Chase and Bank of America is giving the best cd rates. You can find more information at or

Where can one find CD rates in CT?

The best Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates in Connecticut can be found at comparison sites such as Bank Rate, Find Rates, Find Bank Rates, and also individual bank websites such as Citizens Bank.

Who owns Ally Bank?

Ally bank is part of GMAC and was formerly known as GMAC Bank.

What does jumbo CD rates mean in general?

Jumbo CD rates usually means the CD is offered for a huge amount of money being invested on the CD. The rates vary from bank to bank but usually it is better than the lower amount CD.

Are the best CD rates usually found at local banks or online banks?

The rates for CD's, whether it is an online bank or a local, regional bank, depends on what bank. There is no set rule for online or at the bank branch as to which has the better rates.

Where can one find information on Jumbo CD rates at local banks?

If you make an appointment with an associate at whichever bank you are looking to get a Jumbo CD than they will be able to inform you of the rates. The rates will vary from bank to bank.