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Q: What are 3 things you need to do to stay healthy and grow strong?
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Why do plants need to grow strong and healthy?

plants need to grow strong and healthy because lots of things eat plants like animals,so if there wasnt any plants that were healthy then there wouldn't be any food for animals to eat.

Does a plant really need sunlight to grow healthy and strong?

Yes it does....

Why do you need to eat go grow and glow foods?

to be healthy and strong

Which type of Diet for healthy baby?

the baby has to to have a healthy diet so when it is born it can be strong and not weak or unhealthy.the baby has to be healthy to grow because its body need vitamins and proteins etc to stay healthy.

How do you know that plants need light to grow strong and healthy?

do a experiment put 1 plant in the sun 1 not in the sun.

What are the things plants need to survive?

Plants need: water, the good amount of sunshine, clean air and healthy soil to grow.

What do you need vitamins for?

Vitamins are essential nutrients that the body needs in small amounts to function properly. They play key roles in various bodily functions such as metabolism, immune system support, and overall health maintenance. Getting an adequate amount of vitamins through a balanced diet is important for overall well-being.

What are three essential things to grow a beautiful garden in Pakistan?

In order to grow a great garden in Pakistan you will need to make sure it is healthy. Your plants will need water, nutrients and sunlight.

Do we need healthy eating?

Being healthy is an important thing in life you need to be fit and healthy to participate in more things and be more acctracrive with your shape and size.heathy is important because you need to be fit and strong so then you wont die or haveing problems with yourself

Why people need healthy diet?

To get fit,thin,healthy and strong

Do plants need Atmosphere to grow?

Yes, plants do need Atmosphere to grow healthy

What 4 things does a plant need to grow and i need it quick please?

i know like three things. water sunlight good soil and i dont know the other thing a plant would need. Sunlight, Air, Water and Minerals. There are other things as well, so i don't know if these are the four you are looking for. plants need light ,water, air and warmth,this things provide them to grow healthy and strong. *you can add some peals of fruits and vegetable to give them an extra nutrition. *you can also put some eggshells because eggshells has a nutrient that can help a plant grow.