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Q: What are 3 satellites or robots that have landed on Saturn and the year they landed?
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Did any robots or satellites arrive on Saturn and when?

did any robots or satellites arrive on Saturn and what are there names and what year

Were there any satellites or robots that once traveled on Saturn and what year?

cassinni has and in 2004

What are satelites and robots on neptune and what year?

There are no satellites or robots on Neptune.

Was there any satellites landed on Saturn and what year?

No.... You cant land on's a gas planet... both voyager 1 and voyager 2 went past it though

What are the names of Venus' satellites or robots and what year were they there?


What are the satellites and robots that went to mercury and what year?

name and year/imformation

What year did robots go to Saturn?

in 1854

What are three of the names of the robots or satellites that when to Jupiter and what year?


Have satellites or robots explored uranus if they have what year?

cassinni in 2007

What is the name of satellites or robots in neptune and what year did they get there?

Voyager 2, 1989.

What satellites and robots visited earth and the year?

none of the becaues they are already on earth

Has neptune been explored by any satellites or robots if so what is their name and what year?