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light and heat

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Q: What are 2 forms of energy that come from the sun?
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Is the sun a fossil fuel?

no It uses nuclear energy to make heat and light (2 other forms of energy).

What kind of energy does not come from the sun?

Nuclear energy. Other forms like fossil fuels, hydro, solar, wind, biomass, depend on the sun.

What are 2 forms of energy that relates them to kinetic energy or potential energy?

Two forms: Chemical and Electromagnetic.

How many forms does energy have?


What are the two main forms of energy?

The two main forms of energy are Kinetic energy and Potential Energy. Kinetic energy is motion energy. Potential energy is energy stored in matter.

What are the 2 classification of energy sources?

derived from the sun and not derived from the sun

What 2 forms of energy does fire give out?

Obviously its Thermal and Chemical Energy

What are the 2 energies that are emitted by the sun?

1: Light & heat energy 2: Solar energy.

What 2 forms of energy do you receive from sunlight?

Thermal energy and radiant energy are both received from sunlight.

What 2 forms of energy are created by waves?

No form of energy is ever created, you can only change one form into another. Waves come in many forms, and all of them carry energy, which can be transformed into other kinds of energy. Water waves, for instance, carry kinetic energy which can drive a generator to produce electrical energy, as well as waste heat energy. Light energy travels as waves, and this can be changed by a solar cell into electrical energy, or by a plant into chemical energy.

What are 2 main energy sources for earth?


What 2 things does the sun produce?

Heat and Energy