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Q: What all factors contribute in making your identity?
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What factors contribute to or influence history?

Geography, Religion and People all contribute to or influence history.

What all factors contribute to biological evolution?

cross over

What skill would contribute to someone's academic identity?

Developing strong critical thinking skills would greatly contribute to someone's academic identity. This skill involves analyzing information, reasoning effectively, and making informed decisions, all of which are crucial in academia for conducting research, writing papers, and engaging in discussions. It also helps in developing a well-rounded perspective and deep understanding of complex topics.

What factors can contribute to a person tendency to become addicted to drugs?

All of these are correct

What are factors that contribute toHIV risk behavior?

what are factors that lead to inappropriate practice of risk reduction behaviours among adolescence

Which factors are contributing to Russia's dramatic population decline?

All of these factors contribute: short life expectancy, low birth rates, and disease

Is it still identity theft if all you used were pictures of the person WITHOUT making money?


What does kiwiana mean?

It could be described as all the weird and wonderful quirky things from years gone by that contribute to our sense of nationhood-our kiwi identity. Lindiflop

Is promoting national identity my repsonsibility?

Promoting national identity is a collective effort that involves both individuals and institutions. As a member of society, you can contribute to fostering a sense of national pride and unity through your actions and interactions with others. However, the responsibility for promoting national identity ultimately lies with all members of the community.

Factors responsible for thedepollution of the ozone layer?

There might be various factors for the depletion of ozone. Man made CFC's, greenhouse gases etc all contribute to it.

You want to kill yourself because you are a girl?

First of all, don't kill yourself. You are suffering from a gender identity crisis that a great many people have faced and overcome. Gender identity refers to the feeling that you are male, female or transgender. Many things contribute to the formation of gender identity, including society, family and factors that are in place before birth. Please to to this site: - - and read the information there. Then contact any or all of the organizations listed below the article for support. You are not alone, and you don't have to be miserable.

Which factors contribute to the increased throughput when all nodes of a LAN are connected to a switch instead of a hub?

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