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Q: What age should you take a shower alone?
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You are a father and you shower with your daughter she is only 28 months should you not do that or when is it the age you should not shower with her?

no you weirdo

Should kids take shower everyday?

it really depends on age im 15 and i do shower every day. but i know pplz who dont and they stink. even if the kid cant smell it's still there.

What is the average age to shower by yourself?

Once your child can walk and is not afraid of water they should be fine taking a shower bythemselves.

What age should children be left alone for several days in CT?

A child under the age of 16 or 17 should not be left alone for several days. Some children at 16 shouldn't be left alone either and this should be determined by how responsible they are.

Should a grandma shower with her four-five year old grandson?

I think that should be up to grandpa if the child is not ready to shower on his own. Children get curious at this age. What do the parents say?

Can my parent without custody take me if I am home alone?

depends on your age.

How often should a 18 years old take a shower?

Showers are not really determined by age. It is usually more by how dirty the person gets. Most people in first world countries shower once daily. If someone has other activities such as going to the gym or working in the yard, they may want to shower again that day.

What age should you stop your pants?

Pants have rights too. Let them alone.

What age should you be able to hang out with friends alone?

hmmm , i guess 13.

What is the legal age to leave children in a car alone in Illinois?

It should be 13.

What is the legal age to babysit in Connecticut?

My child is ten years old. Can I leave her alone to baby-sit for her younger siblings or is that against the law?Connecticut law does not specify at what age a child may be left home alone. When deciding whether or not to leave a child home alone, a parent should consider the child's age. Many experts believe that a children should be at least 12 years of age before they are allowed to stay home alone. Experts also believe that children should be over the age of 15 before caring for a younger sibling.Additionally, parents should consider other factor's when deciding if their child is ready to stay at home alone. A child's maturity should be considered. Also, a child's ability to handle urgent situations should be reviewed. A parent should also take into account the environment in which the child will be alone, and the child's feelings about being alone.CT does specify and the Min. age to be home alone is 12. Min. age to watch a younger sibling is 15.

How old should you be to be left alone at home by your self?

Well it depends. Some kids are more mature by a certain age but it's generally accepted that at age 14 you can stay home alone.