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Antibiotics may be given.The patient will be given instructions on incision care and follow-up appointments before he or she leaves the hospital. Aftercare includes fine-tuning of the SNS stimulator.

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Q: What aftercare is associated with sacral nerve stimulation?
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What is sacral nerve stimulation?

Sacral nerve stimulation, also known as sacral neuromodulation, is a procedure in which the sacral nerve at the base of the spine is stimulated by a mild electrical current from an implanted device

What are the morbidity and mortality rates of sacral nerve stimulation?

Sacral nerve stimulation has been shown to be a safe and effective procedure.Two groups of researchers, in Spain and the United Kingdom respectively,reported that "the effects of neuromodulation are long-lasting and associated morbidity is low.".

What is Electrical nerve stimulation also called?

Electrical nerve stimulation is also called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

What risks are associated with sacral nerve stimulation?

the risks of bleeding and infection that are common to surgical procedures, implanting an SNS device carries the risks of pain at the insertion site, discomfort when urinating, mild electrical shocks, and displacement or dislocation of the leads

The largest nerve of the sacral plexus is the?

The largest branch of the sacral plexus is the sciatic nerve, the thickest and longest nerve in the body.

Does sacral nerve control bladder functions?

Yes. I have sacral nerve shingles and it's like I have a UTI.

What are alternative treatments to sacral nerve stimulation?

nonsurgical treatments that benefit some patients with IC: Behavioral approaches.Medications.Intravesical medications.Surgical alternatives to SNS are.Augmentation cystoplasty.Urinary diversion.Internal pouch

What is the nerve plexus from which the sciatic nerve originates from?

sacral plexus

What are the normal results from sacral nerve stimulation?

Patients report improvement in the number of urinations, the volume of urine produced, lessened urgency, and higher overall quality of life after treatment with SNS.

What is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation also called?

Electrical nerve stimulation

What is the function of sacral nerve?

Autonomic nerve function in body

Which nerve of the sacral plexus supplies an extensor of the hip?

Inferior gluteal nerve