What affects classic vampires?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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* A constant need for fresh blood * sunlight (to varying degrees) * companionship, love, some degree of contact and acceptance * A retention to old ways and customs

Every vampire carries with him/her quirks from their former life, some of these have become famous and stereotyical of all vampires but really were unique to a single vampire.

* religious icons. Count Dracula * can't cross running water * has to pick-up spilled items, neatness freak * can't bear to see their own reflection, (they do have them) * vanity, can't resist viewing her reflections (Maria D'Marlay)

* a deep affection for heirlooms, both count dracula and count Orlock actually slept in their coffins. (weirdos)

* an affection for their native soil. Count Orlock carried the soil of his country around with him, it carried a plague, still he kept it with him. * An extreme distaste for garlic. Count Dracula again. * An obsession to eat insects and small animals. Reinfeld * A dislike of noisey animals, especially dogs * An ability to change shape, (into animals and such) Count Dracula * An obsession with knots

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Q: What affects classic vampires?
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