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Q: What affects can weedkiller have to a human?
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What is the Portuguese translation of 'weedkiller'?

'Herbicida' is a Portuguese equivalent of 'weedkiller'.

Is Sodium chlorate weedkiller safe for dogs?

Im pretty sure weedkiller is not safe for dogs regardless of what type it is, afterall it is weedkiller.

What is a weedkiller?

A weedkiller that kills only weeds not flowers or your precious plants.

When was The Weedkiller's Daughter created?

The Weedkiller's Daughter was created on 1993-03-02.

How much water to sodium chlorate weedkiller?

water to sodium chlorate weedkiller

Why is it important to keep weedkiller in its original container?

Because then you can see it's weedkiller and it has how to use it on it.

What is 'weedkiller' in French?

'Herbicide' or 'désherbant' may be French equivalents of 'weedkiller'.

What actors and actresses appeared in Weedkiller - 1995?

The cast of Weedkiller - 1995 includes: Heather Blair as Victim

What do you do if been sprayed with weed killer?

It depends what type of weedkiller was used. if it was a total weedkiller then the lawn will have to be re-sown. If it was a contact weedkiller then the grass may re-grow.

Can weedkiller kill humans?


How environment affects behavior?

There is a disorder that affects human behavior.

What are the affects of smog?

smog affects the human health and harm the environment