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It will eat / disfigure the coping and will then turn that into dust that gets in your pool and discolors the plaster.

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Q: What affect will a saltwater pool have on a limestone coping deck?
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Does the salt in saltwater pools deteriorate stone copings and waterfalls?

Salt water will cause damage to some stones including travertine, limestone and some marbles. Large filed stones used in waterfalls usually hold up okay, however they do need to be sealed periodicaly. As far as using Travertine or Limestone as your pool coping you should be okay because that material will not be in constant contact with the salt. I recommend using a solvent based sealer on the Travertine or Limestone coping and deck materials

What do you use to repair cracks between the pool deck and the coping?

caulk NO...caulk shrinks and cracks. Use a self leveling polysulfide compound like Sika or Deck-O-Seal. Now I am talking about the space between the coping and the deck and not cracks in the actual deck.

Does treating coping avoid corrosion on pool deck and stone coping from salt system?

no. not unless you added some type of lip to the coping to avoid splash out. treating the coping would be protective to the coping only...which unless it was exposed metal would not prevent anything.

What type of material do you use to repair the joints between coping tile and cement decking around a pool?

W.R. Meadows Co. makes a product called Deck O Seal that will do the job of filling the gap between pool coping and cement deck.

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What caulk do you use to connect the concrete deck to the coping of the pool?

I use a GE silicone, but that's not as important as being sure it makes a waterproof seal.

Is plastic coping permanently cemented into the decking on older pools?

Yes, but you can usually remove the exposed parts and replace with "Deck O Seal" or similar product

Where can you find fiberglass or plastic pool coping to cantilever over your existing aluminum coping?

It depends on the pool make. The only one I know of that offers a plastic "coping cover" is Pacific Pools, now owned by Latham Plastics in Latham, NY and it is only for their older "Garden Pools". Your aluminum coping can easily be reconditioned with an epoxy spray paint from the hardware store. If there are defects, fill them with a two-part epoxy putty and sand it to blend with the rest of the coping before painting. Mask the coping off with painter's tape to keep from painting the deck or liner.

What will happen if expansion joint is not used between gunite pool coping and cement decking?

If the decking shifts,rises and moves it will push on the coping of the pool. Also, this helps keep water from under the pool and if the ground has moisture until it and freezes then it cause the deck to rise.

Can you put the new liner on top of the old one?

The answer is no. Vinyl liner pools and the concrete deck around the pool are constructed with "concrete receptor coping". The concrete deck is poured into the receptor coping which at the very bottom has was is called a "bead receptor". The vinyl liner at the top has what we call a bead, used to install the liner into the bead receptor. Because there is, and can be, only one bead receptor, a second liner cannot be installed.

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How to replace PVC coping on in-ground pool?

Assuming we are not talking about a vinyl pool. The PVC strip above the tile, below the coping is there to form a seal. It's porpous is to keep water from seeping behind the bond beam and into the ground beneath the deck. Over time it will get brittle and break. It can only be replaced by removing the coping. You can repair it by trimming it back and replace it with a silicone caulk, or "Dec-O-Seal" (or similar)

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