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Sea squirts have a body shape that looks like a sponge or a rock.

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Q: What adaptations do sea squirts have?
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What do sea squirts do?

sea squirts squirt water it as simple as that

What some chordates such as sea squirts and lancelets do not have?

Chordates such as the sea squirts and lancelets do not have a backbone that is why they are called vertebrate chordates.

Why do sea squirts glow?

The light in sea squirts comes from luminescent bacteria that live symbiotically in little chambers with transparent walls.

What do sea squirt eat?

Sea squirts (also known as cunjevoi) have a main diet of plankton

Sea squirts are found in subphylum?


How do sea squirts defend themselves?


How do sea squirts get food?

They draw in food

Where do sea squirt live?

Most sea squirts live underwater.

What do sea squirts look like?

Sea squirts look like little tubes and live in bodies of water. They come in many different colors and shapes.

How many babies do sea squirts have?

100 eggs

What are the roles of sea squirts?

They are filter feeders, filtering the oceans

What class is sea squirts in?

Tunicates (Because it has a covering called a Tunic)