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what activities you can do when the sun shines

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Q: What activities you can do when the sun shines brightly?
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How can you use the word bright in an adverb form?

The adjective bright has the adverb form brightly. The sun is bright. The sun shines brightly.

How do you use sunshine in a sentence?

The sunshine shines brightly inthe sun.

What type of verb is shines in the sentence the sun shines brightly?

It is a third person singular verb. It is also an irregular verb.

Can you write a sentence using the word brightly?

"The sun shines most brightly on a clear summer's day." Need another one?

What can one do if the sun shines brightly?

One might sit on the porch and enjoy the sunshine.

Why should you open the windows when the sun shines brightly into your room?

so you can feel the warmness and the cool breeze along with the beautiful sight of the sun

What are the ratings and certificates for When the Light Shines Brightly the the Lighthouse - 1929?

When the Light Shines Brightly the the Lighthouse - 1929 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

If you would to wear goggles what would the sun look like?

It wouldn't be seen properly, as even with the goggles, it still shines brightly too much.

What will be the diamond shines very brightly because of?

Internal reflection.

What adjective that we can do when the sun shines brightly?

The azure blue sea sparkles in the summer sun- a description i know, sorryscorching, sweltering, beamingdescribe its flaming ultra violet rays ??hope its of some help

Why does Rigel star shine as brightly as Betelgeuse star?

It shines as brightly because of the distance it has from earth and it has to do with how old the star is.

Which could best be used to demonstrate energy being transformed from light to heat?

A solar panel would be a good choice to demonstrate the conversion of light energy into heat energy. When sunlight hits the solar panels, they convert the light energy into electricity and heat, showcasing the transformation process.