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Q: What Toyota transmission works with a Toyota 2c engine?
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What Toyota FWD Transmission models fit the Toyota 2C-T diesel engine?

3sfe 5sfe 3sgte

How do you replace the oil sump sealant in your Toyota 2c engine?

How do you seal a leaking oil sump in 2c toyota diesel engine

Where are the timing marks on Toyota 2c diesel engine?

diagram of timing marks 2c engine toyota

What is the weight of the Toyota 2C engine?

43 kg

How much is the torque of 2c cylinder head bolts Toyota?

torque for 2c engine cylinder head bolts

Where is tha engine number located in 2C Toyota engine?

right lower side of engine block

What are the specs for a Toyota 2c engine?

I have Toyota 2l-T engine the problem is the oil blowing on the exhaust is this the turbo charger problem?

What are the torque setting of the main bearing caps and rod bearing caps on a Toyota 2C Engine bolt main block?

the torque setting for the the main bearings of the Toyota 2c engine is 103 Nm. The rid bearing caps are 59 Nm

What is the torque of cylinder head Toyota 2c diesel turbo?

What is headcylinder bolts torque on toyota 2c turbo

What engine oil is required for Toyota 2c turbo engines?

Any Engine Oil Type viscosity Rated SAE-40 would be sufficient for this engine model.

What is the specification of Toyota 2c engine?

The 2c was an 88 hp, 2.0 liter diesel with single overhead cam. Cylinder bore was 86mm, stroke 85mm. In the U.S. it was used in the Corona and Corolla. There was also a 2cT model that was turbocharged. The 2c was used from 1991 to about 1999. Obviously it isn't linked in any way (except by Toyota) with the Solara. Cheers

How do you set timing on 2C Turbo diesel engine?

To start timing on the 2C Turbo diesel engine, you will have to locate or distinguish camshaft timing marks.