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You need a 60 amp breaker.

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Q: What Size breaker for 6 gauge wire?
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What size is 6 gauge wire?

The size of the wire is stated by its gauge under American Wire Gauge. Six gauge wire is size 6 AWG.

What gauge wire for 50 amp breaker?

AWG # 6 copper.

What gauge wire should be used with a 60amp circuit breaker?

Use AWG # 6 wire.

What size breaker should be used for a stove?

that would really depend upon the stove (I assume that you mean an appliance with an electric cooktop and an electric oven) and the size of the wire present. Most of the time a stove will require a 50amp breaker. This will mean that you would need to have 6 gauge wiring. You can probably get by with a 40 amp breaker and 8 gauge wire if you absolutely had to. Always check the appliance specifications. they will recommend a breaker size.

What size wire do you need to wire a 200 am breaker box?


50 amp breaker needs what wire size?

6 AWG wire

What gauge wire is required for a 60 amp breaker?

#6 wire is good for 65 Amps as long as it is type THHN.

What size breaker do you need for a Whirlpool 4 cycle dryer?

It should take a two pole (220V) 50 amp breaker and matching plug wired with # 8 or # 6 gauge wire. Check your manual.

What is the gauge of 0.163 wire?

The nearest wire size is #6 AWG which is .162023.

What size breaker should be used for a double oven?

50 amp breaker wired with AWG # 6 wire.

What size of main and wire if the total load is 50.98amp?

6 gauge

Can you use 6 gauge wire on 20 amp breaker?

You could if it fit properly in the connector, but it would be massive overkill since you only need 12 AWG wire. You also have to make sure the load can physically accommodate that larger size wire. Every so often someone will replace an electric cooktop witha gas one. All of the new gas cooktops require a 110v outlet. The old electric cooktop may have been run with a 50 amp breaker (and probably 6 gauge wire) In order to convert this 220 v circuit to a 110v circuit we change to a 20amp breaker. Depending upon the brand of breaker sometimes the wire will fit into it. If not, we splice on a short piece of 12 gauge wire and then connect to the breaker.