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Q: What SEER is a Goodman CK30-1T serial number 9607062178?
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What is the manufactured date for Goodman serial number 060B202092?

2006 hence,06 at the beginning.

What does Goodman air conditioner serial number 0809611267 tell you?

Possibly that it was built in august of 09

Where is the manufacture date on Goodman Heat Pump?

the date is on the data plate just about the service valves on the outside condenser. the serial number is how you can read the manufacture date. for example, serial number 9805100565, is read as manufactured in may 1998. this is the for all goodman and amana air conditioning units.

What does Goodman air conditioner serial number 9509000600 tell you?

95 is the year it was built and 09 is the month it was built.

How do you find the year of the goodman units?


How old is Goodman Air Conditioner Serial No 9312062694?

It was manufactured Dec. of 1993.

Where do you get a manual for your goodman air conditioner?

Wild guess here... Goodman dealer? Try a Google search on Goodman manuals, you will need the complete model and serial #`s for what you are looking for no matter where you go.

What is tonage of goodman ac serial 9711020417?

The model # indicates unit characteristics including capacity not the serial#. The serial # generally tells where , when , by whom and what components were used when it was made.

What ton unit is goodman model no pgb048125 serial no-1ag308604046?

4 ton 125k btu

Build Date Goodman Model CK36-1B?

Need serial # for build date & location, not model #.

How do you read goodman serial numbers?

First Two numbers are the Year -The second Two are the Month

What is serial number of gta Punjab when you installed the game?

please provide serial no of gta punjab to install it