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There are colleges and universities that offer a PhD in Archaeology.

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Q: What Ph.D do you need to become a archaeologist?
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How does a 15 year old become an archaeologist?

The Archaeologist's I know have a PhD. That requires about 8 years of college after high school. At age 15, you need to complete high school and then continue your education at the collegiate level.

What major is most appropriate for an archaeologist?

Some universities offer Archaeology, either as an independent major or a concentration in Anthropology. In order to become an archaeologist, you will need a PhD. Most PhD programs in classical archaeology require an undergraduate major in ancient history or classical civilization along with intensive language study in either Greek or Latin, both ancient and modern.

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to become a psychologist you need to get a PhD

What qualifications do you need to become a drummer?

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Why become an archaeologist?

You might become an archaeologist because you are interested in studying the past or because you love dinosaurs. You might also become an archaeologist to travel the world, to study civilizations, or to become famous.

What education or training do you need to become an archaeologist?

The studying of pretty much all sciences, aside from physical science and physics of course, you'd be looking at about 4 to 8 years of college studying biology, life science, and chemistry. As well as History in which ever field your wanting to go into. Most Archaeologist go on and get their PhD, so that they can teach at colleges when they are not on digs or other things.

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What is the employment outlook of an archaeologist?

it depends on how much education and training you put forth to become an archaeologist!

What is a sentence using archeologist?

I am studying to become an archaeologist. An archaeologist at the university is very interested in my discovery.