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Q: What NHL team has the least Canadian players?
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What NHL team has no Canadian players?

Every team in the N.H.L. has Canadian players on their roster

What NHL Team had the highest percentage of Canadian players in the 2008-2009 season?

Edmonton Oilers

Can US players be on Canadian Olympic team?

Yes, people that play for the NHL-USA can still play for the Canadian Olympic team. (Sydney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins/ Team Canada)

Which NHL teams had the most players on the 2010 Canadian Olympic Hockey team?

San Jose Sharks (4).

What NHL team has the least American players?

The Boston Bruins have the least American players on the team with one American player. Number 29 Jay Pandolfo left wing from Winchester Massachusetts.

Which NHL team has no American players?

All of the teams in the NHL have American players.

Where was the 2010 Canadian hockey team during the 2010 closing ceremonies?

As the Canadian men's national hockey team consists entirely of NHL players, many of them were not present during the closing ceremonies. The NHL Regular Season began but two days after the gold medal game, and each member of the team had to report to their respective NHL affiliate.

What is the percentage of NHL hockey players born in Canada. History and 2010?

Currently, 53.2 % of active NHL players are Canadian.

How many players on an NHL team?

AnswerThere are 23 players on an NHL team,20 players dress for each game, while 3 sit out.

How many canadian players are in the NHL?

about two thirds (2/3)

Are their more Canadians or Americans in the nhl?

there are more Canadians 52% or more of the league is Canadian. the other 48% or so is made up of American and European players and afew players from elsewhere. about 22% are American

Why do the Vancouver Canucks have so many players in their team?

That is how many players is needed on a NHL team.