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Q: What NFL team has caused most injuries?
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What nfl team has the most injuries?


What nfl team has the most injuries 2012?


What player in the nfl caused the most injuries?

Ray Lewis

Most common NFL injury?

There are five injuries that are extremely common in the NFL. These are injuries to the knee, shoulder, leg, ankle, and head. Head injuries frequently include concussions.

Who was the most penalized nfl team in 2013?

Who was the most penalized nfl team in 2013

How do most football injuries happen in NFL?

by falling and crying

What pro league has the most sprain ankle injuries?


Could a professional football player sue the NFL for injuries that occurred during a game?

No. It's part of their contract with the NFL, their team and the NFLPA.

What city doesn't have an NFL team?

Most cities of the world do not have a NFL team

What NFL football team comes from Minnesota?

The football team that represents Minnesota is the Minnesota Vikings. They have a stats page in the NFL website which shows schedules, roster, profile, injuries etc.