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Redskins (2011) beat the Giants.

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Q: What NFL team defeated the Super Bowl champions twice in the same season?
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Have the Raiders ever won a superbowl?

Yes, twice. Super Bowl XI, in 1977 they defeated the Vikings Super Bowl XV, in 1981 they defeated the Eagles

Have the Bengals ever played in a Super Bowl?

Twice against the 49ers -1981 season (Super Bowl XVI) and 1988 season (Super Bowl XXIII).

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Phillies win their championships in the same year?

Both teams basically accomplished this twice. Depending on if you're looking at the year or season in the NFL.The Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XIV on January 20, 1980 and the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in 1980.They also did it again in 2008, if you count the season that the Steelers were crowned champions. The Steelers were the NFL champions for the 2008 season, after winning the Super Bowl on February 1, 2009. The Phillies were World Series champions in 2008.

Who scored twice in last season's uefa champions league final?

It is the Argentinean Diego Militto for Inter Milan.

What stadium did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Super Bowl twice?

The Steelers played twice at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. They defeated the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl X and XIII.

Who lost the champions league finale twice?

Barcelona lost the champions league finale twice.

How many times have Newcastle been in the champions league?

They have played in the Champions League tournament twice. Their first appearance was in the 1997-98 season and the second in the 2002-03 season. They also have reached the 3rd Qualifying round of the Champions league once in 2003-04.

How many times has Baltimore gone to the super bowl as the colts?

Twice ... they lost to the Jets in Super Bowl III and defeated the Cowboys in Super Bowl V.

Has Alabama played Florida twice in one season?

Yes. In 1999, Alabama defeated Florida twice, winning in the regular season 40-39 and in the SEC Championship Game 34-7.

How many times have raven been to Super Bowl?

Twice, winning both trips: Super Bowl XXXV, 2001 (2000 season) Super Bowl XLVII, 2013 (2012 season)

When did Toronto blue jays win the world series?

The Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series twice the first time being in 1992 and the second victory being in 1993. The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Atlanta Braves in the 1992 World Series in six games to become the World Series Champions in 1992 and they defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in six games to become the World Series Champions of the 1993 season.

Which year did the Dallas Cowboys have the most wins?

The Dallas Cowboys have won 13 regular season games twice -- in 1992 and 2007. The most overall games won by the team -- including playoffs -- was 16 by the 1992 Super Bowl champions.

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