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Q: What Morse code should a modu fog horn sound?
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How should the French horn sound?

I should sound a little bit loud and not like a cow. I should know because I play the French Horn

Should you sound the horn when driving?

You should sound the horn to warn others of dangerous situations. It should not be used to retaliate. In the state of TX it is also required by law to sound your horn upon passing anyone regardless if they are currently in motion or not. This law however is not enforced.

Why is Morse code called Morse code?

Samuel FB Morse devised both the telegraph system and the code. the mode of code- that is dots and dashes was more or less discovered accidentally, the code itself was not. They used printing telegraphs which were clockwork tape registers ( this being the l840"s) and these were tied into the power supply so the shortest interval was a dot, a longer one, a dash. So, this being understood the Code was worked out. There are differences between the original Morse Code and the modern International Morse Code on some letters and punctuations. Somewhat oddly, one of the best-known Morse ciphers- the code for Red Alert: - - - - Four longs, evenly spaced- is not in the original land line (Morse) or international ( Radio-telegraph) forms of the Morse Code, but it well known. Four Longs- Red Alert! Even Spector used it in some of his songs.

When was The Sound of His Horn created?

The Sound of His Horn was created in 1952.

What is a palindrome for the sound of a horn?

A palindrome for the sound of a horn is "toot."

How many pages does The Sound of His Horn have?

The Sound of His Horn has 154 pages.

A palindrome for the sound of a horn?

"Vroom" is a palindrome for the sound of a horn.

What highway code states that taxis may sound their horn when stationary?

Highway Code rule 112 states that the only time anyvehicle may sound their horn while stationary is if another road user poses a danger. Taxis are not exempt from this rule, although it is rarely (if ever) enforced.

Sound that a horn makes?

The sound a horn makes is called a toot or a blast.

How does a English horn produce sound?

You have to make a raspberry and the length of the horn will make the sound

What is palindrome word sound of a horn?

The palindrome word for the sound of a horn is "toot."

2002 f250 where is the horn located?

It should be in the center of the steering wheel. If you press it, the horn should sound. Otherwise, Idk where it would be. I don't know any cars where it is not on the steering wheel.