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Enrico Fermi.

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Q: What Italian scientist help design the atomic bomb?
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What Italian helped design the atomic bomb?

enrico Fermi

What was the atomic bomb tested at trinity?

The atomic bomb at Trinity was an implosion design plutonium device or bomb.

Which scientist invented atomic bomb?

Leo Szilard.

Which scientist give formula of atomic bomb?

Robert Oppenheimer.

Who is referred to as father of the atomic bomb?

The scientist given the most credit for the building of the atomic bomb is Robert Oppenheimer.

What if you didn't get the German scientist who discovered the atom bomb?

No German scientist discovered the Atomic Bomb, so this question is meaningless. A Hungarian scientist, Leo Szilard, invented the Atomic Bomb in 1933 and he was already in London when he did it. It took 12 more years for the US to eventually make the first ones.

What did the scientist who developed the atomic bomb believe?

That there was a great danger if Germany did it first.

Led the American team of engineers and scientist building the atomic bomb?


Why did the manhatten scientist walk off?

They understood the power of the atomic bomb and feared its use.

How did the Manhattan help to end the war?

Scientist working on the project developed the atomic bomb.

What do scientist hope to learn by smashing atoms in a particle acceleration?

atomic power/ the A-bomb

Who was the famous scientist that help make the atomic bomb?

I believe you are referring to Albert Einstein.