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Q: What Is Minions Real Name in twisted metal Black?
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What is the name of the song on the first level of twisted metal 4?

If I'm remembering the right Twisted Metal, it was Dracula by Rob Zombie.

How did black metal get its name?

From Venom's album "Black Metal".

What is the name of the song on off their rockers metal ringtone?

Twisted Sisters - Where Not Gonna Take It

What is the tall minions name in despicable you?


What is name of black deth?

The name of the genre is "black metal." It is a subgenre of heavy metal music known for its fast tempos, shrieking vocals, and dark themes.

What is the name of heat miser's minions?


What is Twisted Sister's real name?

Twisted Sister is their real name, they're a band

What is the name of black sonic?

Metal sonic...Enjoy ^o^

What is the name of king k rools minions in Mario?

of course there name is kritter da...

What was Watson and cricks name for twisted-ladder of DNA?

Watson and Crick's Name for the twisted ladder of DNA

Who were the minions leader?

His name is gru and hes has little to no hair upon his skull

Who is oscularum?

Oscularum Infame is a black metal band Oscularum is the artistic name of Jennifer Bonilla