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They appeared in the episode forever charmed the series finale last episode EVER!

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Q: What Episode of Charmed has Wyatt and Chris BOTH come back from the future?
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Why did chris from charmed comed from the future?

He came from the future to stop Wyatt from turning evil

What episodes of charmed have the older Wyatt in them?

The Day The Magic Died season 5 episode 14

In charmed when does Chris tell Piper he's her son?

Season 6 Episode 16 The Courtship Of Wyatt's Father.

In which episode born piper's son in charmed?

the day the magic died, that's the episodes name but u need to tell me which son chris or wyatt the above in is for wyatt for chris is " its a bad bad bad world part 2"

Is there gunna be any charmed season with just chris and wyatt?

Sorry, no(

Was holly Marie combs really pregnant on charmed?

Well she was really pregnant with Chris on Charmed,but not with Wyatt...for Wyatt she told the director she wanted to be pregnant in the show.

N Charmed which episode does piper find out chris is her son?

Phoebe AND Paige tell her in the episode entitled "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father" after the night spent with her and Leo in the ghostly plane. Chris actually only walks in after she's been told. He doesn't tell her himself.

Which episode of charmed do the sisters discovery Chris true identity?

the courtship of wyatt's father is when piper finds out the legend of sleepy halliwell is when phoebe finds out i dream of phoebe is when paige finds out

How does Phoebe find out who Chris Halliwell really is?

Phoebe finds out about Chris after going on a spirit quest & finding out Wyatt will have a brother. When she comes out of the quest future Chris is there saying the same thing the brother in the quest is saying. At the end of the episode she asks him if he is Wyatt's brother & he confirms it.

Dose Piper asn Leo out of charmed have any children?

Yes. The oldest son is Wyatt, then you have Chris. Wyatt and Chris are both whitelighters and have been seen on the show as their older version several times. Assumingly, per the last episode they'll have another child, a daughter who should be named Melinda.

At the end of Charmed does Chris remember his old life?

what old life? He is from the future,through out the whole time is on the show,they show flashes of him and Wyatt and the last 3 seasons

When does piper and Leo switch powers because of wyatt charmed?

In season 5 episode 4, the episode is called Siren Song