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syrup and snow.... im from Canada

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Q: What Does your Country Import?
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What country did the UK import?

The UK did not import any countries.

What does import exports mean?

import are things sent to that country exports are things sent to another country

How do you define import?

An import is the trade that a country takes in from other countries, where areas are an export is the trade that a country would trade from their country to another country.

How much does it cost to import diamonds from Africa?

Your answer depends on the quantity of diamonds you want to import, the country in Africa from which you want to import the stones, the country into which you want to import the stones and the duty regulations involved.

Write the difference between export and import?

Export is to send goods out of the country. Import is to bring goods into the country.

From what country does China imports?

they import to mahfuz country

What is a import quota?

An import quota is a limit on the amount of goods that can ENTER a country.

Which European country was first to import enslaved Africans to the Americas?

Spain was the first country to import enslaved Africans to the Americas :)

What is the difference between an export and an import?

import is something which is brought into a country over an international boundary, while an export is something which is shipped out of a country over an international boundary.

What is the difference between import and export?

An import is something our country wants, and pays another country to ship in. An export is something another country wants, and pays our country to ship out.

What is personal import tax allowance?

Import tax is the government tax you must pay on goods imported into your country from outside of your economic area. Import tax allowance is the limit of the value of items you can import without having to pay any import tax. This means that low value items can be imported tax-free. The import tax allowance varies from country to country

What types of cars are considered import cars?

Cars that are considered import cars are cars that have been shipped from another country to your country. Some really fast cars are also considered import cars, because they have import parts.