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Q: What Chanel does AFV come on?
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What time does afv come on?

Yo mama :) 9:30

What is the last name of the host for AFV?

the lady host of afv

What is an AFV?

An AFV is either an armoured fighting vehicle or an alternative fuel vehicle.

Where did Chanel come from for Coco Chanel?

The designer Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel had the nickname COCO in her early days of fashion

What chanel does snl come on?


What chanel does the voice come on?


Is AFV making new episodes?

Yes AFV is making new episodes. You can watch them on CTV.

What happen in afv part 213?

After AFV Part 213, the Nazi Party was introduced into the procurement process.

What is AFV's website?

They have no website

What chanel does ben10 come on?

cartoon network.

Who is the guy that does afv?

Tom Bergeron (b. 1955) is best known as the host of America's Funniest Videos (AFV).

Why did the boy fall of the chair in afv?

There have been many boys/girls fall out of chairs on AFV over the years.