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Q: What 3 ways of complement cascade is helpful in fighting infection?
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What is the advantage of the phosphorylation cascade?

An advantage of the phosphorylation cascade is that is can be helpful to regulate the activation of proteins.

How helpful are antibiotics?

If you have a biotic infection, pretty helpful.

What is defense against infection?

To protect against getting infections. I would recommend the herbs Echinacea. There several varieties. Everyone of them are effective infection protectors. Atragulus and Cats Claw herbals are helpful to in protecting and fighting infections. As is Echinacea.

How are fevers helpful?

For Doctors they are an indication of an infection.

What to use on a pierced ear infection?

Hydrogen peroxide can be helpful.

A complement that starts with h?

Handy, helpful, hilarious, honest, honorable, humble and humorous are compliments. They begin with the letter h.

Vitamin helpful in maintaining good eyesight and the treatment of infection?

Vitamin A

How can bacteria be both harmful and helpful?

Bacteria can be helpful by forming food compounds and fighting diseases. But they can also make us ill when it's get high

How normal flora cause infection?

Normal body flora is generally helpful to the organism. In fact having normal body flora occupies space and resources that could otherwise be utilized by pathogens. However, some normal body flora can be harmful if the microbe enters an area of the body that it would not normally be found and can cause infection. These bacteria are known as opportunistic pathogens.

What is a vitamin that is helpful in maintaining good eyesight and the treatment of infection?

Vitamin A is needed for good eyesight.

Is butter helpful on wounds?

yesAnother answer:No. Butter can cause infection and create an environment for bacterial growth.

Is flexeril used for uti infection?

No. Flexeril is a muscle relaxant and not helpful in curing or treating the symptoms of UTI.