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Q: What 3 changes have been made to the indian act since 1896?
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How many years have passed since 1896?

Update! It's now 2021, and it has been 125 years since 1896.

How many years has gymastic been in the Olympics?

The gymnastics has been in the Olympics since 1896.

How many wars has Afghanistan been in?

Afghanistan has been in 87 wars since 1896

How long has rowing been in the Olympics?

since 1896. The first Olympics

How many of changes have been adopted since 1787?

how many of these changes have been adopted since 1787

When did the swimming became a part of the Olympics?

Swimming has been an Olymipic sport since 1896. It has been open to Women since 1912

What percentage of people born since 1896 have ever been Olympians?


How many year have passed since?

Update! It's now 2021, and it has been 125 years since 1896.

How long has javelin been part of the Olympics?

Shot put has been competed since the modern Olympic Games were begun in 1896. The first winner was Robert Garrett of the United States with a put of 11.22 meters (36 feet, 9 3/4 inches).

Have the Olympics been held in bazil in the past?

No, atleast not the modern ones which are held since 1896.

What year was gymnastics in the Olympics?

Gymnastics has been in the Modern Olympics since the first games in 1896.

What changes have been observed in the ecosystem since the salicaria introduction?

alot of changes