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Q: What 1869 silver coin has 3 Roman numeral ones on it?
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What 1869 silver coin has 3 roman numerals on it?

The USA 3 Cents coin, issued 1851 to 1889. Two versions of the silver 1869 coin > The 14mm size coin has a star on the other side. The 18mm size coin has a portrait on the other side.

What is the value of a silver nickel with roman numeral v on back 1901?

The coin is NOT silver. Most circulated coins are valued at $1.00-$3.00. The 1901 Liberty Head nickel is not rare or scarce.

What is the Value of 1895 silver liberty dime with a v on the back?

The V on the back suggests the coin is actually a nickel, as V is the Roman numeral for 5. If this is the case, the coin is NOT silver, and values start at around $5 depending on condition.

Roman numeral Gold Coins From the USA With roman letters mcmcxc what is the date of the gold coin?

The numeral MCMCXC is not a correctly written Roman numeral. MCM = 1900 and CXC = 190. However 1900 + 190 = 2009 and the correct Roman numeral for this date would be MMIX.

How much is a 1883 v silver coin with e pluribus unum written at the bottom of the United States of America?

It's copper-nickel, not silver. V is the Roman numeral for 5, so you have a 5 cent coin. See the Related Question for more information.

How do you tell nickel from silver on a 1865 3 cent coin?

The silver and the nickel 3 cent coins minted in 1865 are 2 different coins and look different. The silver 3 cent coin minted in 1865 has a star on the obversed [heads] side of the coin and the reverse [tails] side has a large letter "C" with a Roman Numeral III [3] inside of it. This coin is smaller than a present day dime. The nickel 3 cent coin minted in 1865 has on the obverse [heads] side of the coin an image of Lady Liberty facing left while the reverse [tails] side of the coin has a large Roman Numeral III [3] surrounded by a wreath. This coin is the same size as todays dime.

What is the value of an 1869 O Morgan silver dollar coin?

Please look at the coin again. The first Morgan was struck in 1878. A silver dollar dated 1869 would be a Liberty Seated dollar and none were struck at the New Orleans Mint.

What is a 1905 V coin?

A 1905 V coin is a Liberty Head nickel, the "V" is the Roman numeral 5.

How much does a roman silver coin worth?


What is the value of an 1869 US dollar coin?

The US made both silver and gold dollars in 1869. Please see the Related Questions for more information.

How much is an 1889 roman numeral V coin worth?

Do you know its nationality and face value?

Is a 1869 5 cents coin copper or silver?

In 1869, the 5 cent coin you are looking at is likely a shield nickel. In which case the coin is a copper-nickel composition (75% copper and 25% nickel). In the same year there was also a half dime, and that was made out of 90% silver and 10% copper. The Shield nickel is the same size and shape as today's nickels, just a different design