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Q: Were three positive effects on troy while he was in prison?
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What are the positive effects of lightning to humans?

While lightning can be dangerous, it does have some positive effects to humans. For example, some people find lightning exciting or aesthetically pleasing.

What did Hitler do while he was in prison?

He wrote his memoir Mein kampf while he was in prison.

What is the smallest three-digit even number?

The smallest three-digit even number is -998. However, while considering only positive numbers, the smallest three-digit number even number is then 100.

How to get a divorce in Florida while in prison?

brake out of prison and tell her

Why did the Battle of Antietam have a positive effect on northern morale while the battles at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville had negative effects?

Antietam was considered a Northern victory.

If a man and woman in Texas get married while the man is in prison when the man is released from prison are they legally married?

If they get legally married while the man is in prison, they are legally married when the man is released from prison.

Can you represents three phase ac with positive and negative?

AC is normally referred to as active and neutral, while DC is referred to as positive and negative. "Can you represents three phase ac?" not sure what you mean here. Each of the three phases are active ( positive ) so you could not represent one of them with negative. Hope this helps.

Does getting married while prison cut your time?

If you get married while you are in prison, you prison sentence will not be cut. Getting married while is prison has nothing to do with your sentence in any way.

What are three causes and three effects of texting while driving?

3? don't need 3; it distracts you. That is enough to be dangerous and in many states, ILLEGAL!

What is a prison cell?

a prison cell is a small room which a prisoner is housed in while he/she is serving his/her prison sentence.

What are two positive effects from mining cattle and farming?

Cattle ranching can have many benefits. The cattle can be used as a meat product and their excrement provides nutrients back to the soil.

What effects do tornadoes have on the economy?

Tornadoes have both a positive and negative effect on the economy. While they can be very destructive, new construction is usually the result of tornadic activity.