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no only on the west coast because the most Japanese people living in the U.S. lived on the west coast because when the people came from Japan they didnt want to go all the way across the U.S. so they stayed on the east coast. They interned people in the east coast because that was where most of the Japanese people were and it would be easiest 8--------

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Q: Were there Japanese American internment camps on the east coast?
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What do you called when Japanese and Japanese American were removed from the pacific coast?

They were interned in internment camps.

What is the history of Japanese internment camps?

Japanese internment camps sprung up during World War Two. These camps relocated 110,000 Japanese Americans on the West Coast. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a factor in the development of these camps.

What US region were Japanese internment camps in?

The US west Coast.

Which group of people was placed in the west coast internment camps?

Under an Executive Order, Americans interred Japanese-Americans.

What led to internment camps during world war 2?

The USA was worried about the Japanese-Americans on the coast supplying Japanese with information and helping the Japanese attack the USA in any way. So the USA put the Japanese-Americans in internment camps.

Interment camps were set up for Japanese American?

Japanese and Japanese Americans living on the US west coast were placed in internment camps on the claim that spies and sabatouers could be hiding among them. Since Japanese and Japanese Americans living in Hawaii and in the US east of the Mississippi were not forced into camps, and since no American citizens of German or Italian descent were placed in internment camps, the actual reason is more likely related to racial stereotypes and anti-Japanese hysteria.Read more: Why_were_Internment_camps_set_up_for_Japanese_Americans

Why were Japanese on the west coast forced to live in internment camps?

the west coast was an exclusion zone.they were believed to be spies and enemies of the state

How many Japanese were in the internment camps?

Any Japanese that lived on the west coast of America, including most of California.Approximately 110,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese nationals.

Why were the majority of the internment camps located in the west?

Because of the large Japanese population in the west coast states such as California

How did the us government policy of internment affect thousands of Japanese Americans on the west coast of the US?

The effects on the internment of Japanese-Americans was negative psychologically. Shock and fear plagued the Japanese-Americans as a result of the internment camps.

What group was placed in internment camps in the US during World War 2?

I think you are referring to the WWII Japanese internment camps. After Pearl Harbor, it was thought that Japanese-American citizens could not be trusted, so they were rounded up and forced to live at various "camps" around the U.S. until the war was over. See the Related Links below.

Fate of many Japanese Americans?

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 by Japan, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 in February of 1942 that led to the internment of Japanese American living on the West Coast. Japanese Americans in this part of the country were removed from their homes and sent to internment camps for the duration of World War 2.