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Luke 23:25 When the people forced punches Pilate to nail jesus to the cross

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Q: Were in the Bible is Jesus sentenced to death?
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Why was Stephen sentenced to death?

He believed Jesus Christ is God.

Who was potnious pilate?

The man who sentenced Jesus to death on the cross.

What was the name of the man that sentenced Jesus to death?

That would be Pilate, the Roman governor.

What happened after jesus was sentenced to death?

He was scourged He was given the crown of thorns He was crucified

How was Pontius Pilate affiliated with Jesus Christ?

Pontius Pilate was the Roman official who reluctantly sentenced Jesus to death.

How does Jesus's death and resurrection fit into the storyline of BIBLE?

where does the death of Jesus fit within the bigger picture of the whole bible story

Who was writing the Bible in the time of Jesus Christ?

The bible was written into the book form after the death of Jesus.

What did the roman leader do to Jesus?

The Roman leader, Pontious Pilot, sentenced the saviour to death, by crucifixion.

Where do you find who sentenced Jesus to be crucified?

Pontus Pilate sentenced Jesus to be crucified.

What book bible talks about Jesus death?


Was sushil sharma sentenced to death?

he was not sentenced to death.

Which part of the Bible was written after Jesus died?

The New Testament was written after the death of Jesus.