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Q: We had to avoid wounding Austria too severely we had to avoid leaving behind in her any unnecessary bitterness of feeling or desire for revenge we ought rather to reserve the possibility of becoming f?
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Can legos kill people?

Yes if you swallow them you may choke on it you might not die but get severely injured and then after that there is a possibility of dying.

Phobia name for fear of conflict?

The fear of conflict could be related to a few phobias, such as: Allodoxaphobia - The fear of opinions. Angrophobia - The fear of anger or becoming angered. Rhabdophobia - The fear or being severely punished or severely criticized.

What kind of Cardiac conditions can result from a damaged medulla?

One possibility is death because the medulla oblongatta is considered the cardiac center. Without it, or if it is damaged severely can lead to cardiac failure and death.

What 2 ships were lost during the Pearl Harbor attack?

not sure about other one but USS Arizona had a bomb down its chimney so I severely doubt the possibility of it staying above water!

Which was a way that Iran became more westernized after World War?

The power of the Iranian clergy becoming severely limited was a way that Iran became more westernized after World War I.

Can all vampires be beautiful?

No! The process of becoming a vampire often goes a little to a lot wrong and you can up with severely malformed and grotesque creatures. One such was Count Orlock of Nosferatu fame.

What part of speech is the word severely?

Severely is an adverb.

What is the comparative form of the word severely?

more severely

What is the noun of severely?

The noun form for the adverb 'severely' is severeness.

Is severely an adjective or a verb or both?

Neither. Severely is an adverb.

What are the chances of becoming severely injured by lung cancer mouth cancer etc by smoking a single pack of cigarettes and then stopping?

Very low, however cigarettes are addictive and it is likely that those wont be the last.

What does severely mean?

Severely means very strong or without mercy.