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No, NASA has Confirmed that this myth is indeed wrong. The Mayan calendar has nothing to do with any apocalyptic theory as to us dying in 2012. The Calendar was Actually used for them to keep track for them and their cult to go on, and it's not like it is ironic how it ends there i mean it could've ended in 2008 but who really cares?

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Q: We does everyone says we are going to die in 2012?
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Is everyone going to die by a comet in 2016?

No, we will all die in 2012.

Is everyone really going to die in 2012?

No, of course not. It's a myth

In 2012 is everyone going to die because of the mayen calendar ending?


When wiil everyone die?

On the Indian's Calender it says 2012. But I don't think that. I think the planet Earth will live forever

What are the release dates for Everyone Must Die - 2012?

Everyone Must Die - 2012 was released on: USA: 23 September 2012

Are you going to dye on 2012?

First *die* not dye. Secondly you can, but you can die anytime. Although I assume you are talking about the Mayan prediction. There is no proof whatsoever on what will happen in 2012. people may say that we are going to die in 2012 but the truth is in the cristian bible. it say that we are going to dye when every one belives in god!!! Uh no, it does not say that we are going to DIE when everyone believes in God. Yes, with a CAPITAL G. And when that happens, we are not going to "die", Jesus is taking us back to heaven with Him in his paradise.

What was the ruling of the Aztecs?

that everyone will die in 2012

Are you all going to die on 211212?

No we are not all going to die on 211212 we are going to die on the 22nd December 2012!

Were going to die in 2012?

While it is inevitable that some people will die in 2012 it is not going to be the end of the world by any means

Are you serious that in 2012 everyone is going to die?

No. Don't listen to people who say so. It isn't anyone's to decide when. I guess the future is just that big of a mystery.

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Everyone will die.

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Everyone's going to die sometime.