Way to grow facial hair

Updated: 9/15/2023
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My grandma used to make a salve that consisted of half cream cheese half butter and half mashed peas, like the baby food kind and just rub it on my grand fathers head and he has really good hair today, a black afro to be specific. tankies



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Q: Way to grow facial hair
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30 years old have no facial hair Is there a way to grow facial hair?

Hmmm...interesting question. In my opinion, I don't think you CAN grow facial hair if your body doesn't already. But why would you?? If it's for attracting the opposite sex, then not ALL women like facial hair....but with the way technology and science is advancing in this day-and-age, maybe. I would suggest you ask your doctor. You got problems.if u are thirty and no facial hair ever grown go to the could have a procedure where they insert facial hair into your pours and it will grow continuoesly but it cost alot of money.

Will l-arginine make you grow more facial hair?

will l-arginine make you grow facial hair

What do you do to grow facial hair?

You regularly clean, massage and shave your facial hair to stimulate growing..

Does lithium cause facial hair growth?

IIt definitely makes my facial hair grow more

Does facial hair grow over night the most?

Yes facial hair grows the fastest in men.

Does smoking grow facial hair?


Can red bull grow facial hair?


Can Haitians grow facial hair?

Yes, anyone can grow facial hair. It's a matter of the amount of Testorone (Male hormone) a person obtains.

Why does facial hair grow faster than normal hair?

The more you shave, the quicker it will grow.

How will you know when you start to grow facial hair?

you will see hair on your face

How do you grow a beard at 15?

If you have facial hair you just let it grow trimming it to the shape you want. If you don't have the facial hair, there really is no way of making it grow.

How can you make facial hair grow faster I am 15 years old and I have a lot of body hair but for some reason I have trouble growing facial hair Is there any recommendations of what I can do?

you can shave your face were you want hair to grow..... 2nd Answer: The above answer is an old wive's tale . . . you have to wait until your body decides to grow more facial hair on you.