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in history yes there has been especially in the year

615: The Saxon Aethelfrith defeats the Welsh at Bangor

616: Battle of Chester - Wales isolated from the rest of Britain.

c.784: Offa of Mercia (below), the powerful Saxon king, constructs Offa's Dyke and Wales acquires an eastern boundary.

Warfare in the Middle Ages was not necessarily a pitched battle but a series of skirmishes, diplomacy and hostage taking. There were constant bickerings between Wales and England through most of the 'Dark Ages' and after the Norman Conquest of England, Wales was also subjected to invasion, the southern part of Wales falling and remaining in English hands. The reign of King John saw increased activity, mostly from 1204 onwards after John lost Normandy to the French king Philip Augustus and had little more to do than look inwards. Henry III, John's son, continued the trend and the conquest was accomplished finally by Edward I 'Longshanks' in 1282 with the death of Llwyelyn the Last in an ambush.

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Historically Wales has always been a separate country, a Principality.

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Q: Was there a war between England and Wales?
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