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Q: Was there a stock split for standard OIl in 1970?
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Did Shell Oil just have a stock split?


When did Standard Oil of Indiana become Amoco?


What is the price of standard oil stock?

gorge washinton's middle name is Richard

Was there ever stock sold in the Standard Oil Company?

Yes in the 1950's.

Stock price for merged company?

if you bought 200 shares of standard oil stock when they were first issued and had the certificates is they stock worth anything today?

What was the peak share price of Standard Oil Trust in the 1980s?

In the 1980s Standard Oil had a portfolio of stocks. The price for Standard Oil was a result of adding these together. They all had different highs and lows. In 1982 the combined portfolio stock price for Standard Oil was $137.02 per share.

Ticker symbol for Standard Oil new jersey?

Standard Oil of New Jersey no longer has a stock symbol. They were founded in 1870 but became a defunct company in 1911.

Why was the Cleveland Massacre significant in the formation of Standard Oil?

It was actually Standard Oil that was significant in the formation of the Cleveland Massacre in the late 1870s. John D. Rockefeller's company called Standard Oil held a monopoly on the oil traffic in and out of Cleveland until the Supreme Court ruled it had to be split up in 1911.

Where was the Standard Oil Garage in River North in the late 1960's-early 1970's?

in Chicago

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Standard small block Chevy with the regular oil filter adapter (stock). This is the one quart oil filter.

What is the definition of a mot stock?

A stock MOT is typically a term that describes an MOT that is standard. A stock MOT may include replacing or cleaning filters and spark plugs. In addition to this an oil change may be included as a stock MOT.

What was the stock price of standard oil company in october 1957?

Standard Oil Company was ordered dissolved and broken up into 34 separate companies by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1911. Two of those companies eventually became Exxon and Mobil, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey and Standard Oil Company of New York. More information: