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Q: Was the rule of the golden mean taught by Aristotle?
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What was aristotle's golden rule?

He claimed that the best can be found halfway between the two extremes - lack and excess.

Did Plato teach the rule of the Golden Mean?


Who taught the golden rule?

Treat others like you'd like to be treated: Mother Teresa, I believe

Is Christianity's Golden Rule the same type of ethical theory as Aristotle's Golden Mean?

No. They have similar names, but share little else in common. Christianity's Golden Rule tells us to "do unto others as we would have them do unto us" (cf. Matthew 7:12), whereas Aristotle's Golden Mean is a doctrine that states that every virtue (= good habit) is situated in between two extremes, one by way of excess, and another by way of defect, both of which are vices (= bad habits); for example, fortitude (= bravery) is situated between the extremes of cowardice (defect) and temerity (excess), and both of these excesses are vices.

Who said The golden rule is that there is no golden rule?

nobody said there wasn't a golden rule

What is the golden rule for indigenous?

golden rule for wicca

What is the golden rule in cyberspace?

Which golden rule are you talking about.

Who said rule by few rule by one rule by many?

Aristotle came up with the rule by few, rule by one, and the rule by many.

What are the three types of government that Aristotle distinguished?

Aristotle distinguished three distinct types of government. They included monarchy, rule by one, polity, rule by many, and aristocracy, rule by the best men.

When was That Golden Rule created?

That Golden Rule was created on 2009-08-23.

When was Golden Rule Airlines created?

Golden Rule Airlines was created in 2003.

When was Golden Rule - album - created?

Golden Rule - album - was created in 301.

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