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yes cuz he spent all the money on the queens STD

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Q: Was the civil war Charles 1 fault?
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When was king the civil war?

Charles 1

Did King Charles' decisions lead to the civil war?

Charles 1

What civil war was Charles 1 in?

ww3 dics

What execution stopped the english civil war?

that of charles 1

What did Charles 1 do after the civil war?

His head was cut off

When did the Puritans defeat King Charles 1?

why was king Charles 1 defeated in the English civil war

Who was the king of England during the period of the English Civil War in the 1640s?

It was Charles I

What event took place immediately after the English civil war?

The execution of Charles 1 happened immediately after the civil war.

Who was overthrow during the English Civil War and executed?

King Charles 1

How did Charles 1 lead his army in the civil war?

Like he where gonna win it

When did the English Civil War of Charles 1 end?

when the enemy (parlement) captured him and beheaded him

Who were the englishmen who supported king Charles 1 during the English civil war?