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In the Revolutionary War, Valley Forge was the name of a small town in Pennsylvania where the American army spent the winter. It was a rough winter. During that time, Generals Washington and Lafayette worked out a major change in strategy for the American Revolution. Instead of fighting over the big coastal cities, they would destroy any group of solders in the countryside. Eventually England would have to give up because they would have no reason to stay.

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Q: Was the Valley Forge in the Revolutionary War?
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Winter on 1777 in Revolutionary War?

Valley forge

Revolutionary war and things that start with v?

Valley Forge, one of the battles in the Revolutionary War.

What is the site of a major Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania?

Brandywine, Valley Forge

Name one famous battle from the revolutionary war?

valley forge

How did Valley Forge play an important role in the revolutionary war?

Valley Forge housed General Washington's troops after the Battle of Trenton.

How many man were at Valley Forge in the Revolutionary War?

12,000 men went into winter quarters at valley forge. 2,000 died.

Where were George Washington's troops in the winter during the revolutionary war?

They were at Valley forge

Who is Valley Forge and what did he have to do with the American revolutionary war?

Valley Forge is not a person. It is a place in Pennselvania. Also Valley Forge is where George Washimgton and his soldiers stayed for the winter of 1777.(A.K.A. The Winter of The Red Snow.)

What state was the revolutionary war battle at Valley Forge and the civil war battle at ghettysburg fought?

Both Valley Forge and Gettysburg are in Pennsylvania. However, Valley Forge was the location of a 6-month long training encampment and there was not a battle fought at the location.

How does George Washington relate to Valley Forge?

While marching, George Washington stopped at Valley Forge to pray for his army and that they would win the Revolutionary War.

What was the weather condition in Revolutionary War?

The winter camp at Valley Forge was miserably cold.

What war did Franklin Pierce's father fight in?

He fought in the Revolutionary War, under George Washington at Valley Forge.