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Yes, shotguns were used, although it was only until later in the war that they became standard issue. Some soldiers privately purchased hunting shotguns and modified them for used in the trenches, as they were found to be highly useful in the cramped environment of the trenches, where they became known as "trench guns".

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Q: Was shotguns a weapon of the first world war?
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After World War 2 why did the Soviet Union consider the US a threat?

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What was the most advanced weapon in World War I?

Probably artillery; it was responsible for many of the deaths in World War 1.

What was the most poweful weapon in World War 2?

The nuclear bomb

What was weapon was developed during World War 1?

Nuclear weapons

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What is the first nuclear weapon was made during World War 2?

The atomic bomb was the first nuclear weapon ever made during World war two and it was the first weapon that have been tested before Hiroshima was under attack.

What is another name for a trench gun?

Trench guns, first used in the first world war may also be referred to as combat shotguns, riot shotguns, trench shotguns, bayonets, muskets or blunderbusses.

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In what war was chlorine gas first used as a weapon?

Invented by French chemist Claude Berthollet, chlorine gas was first used as a weapon by the military during the first World War in 1914. Chlorine gas was first used as a disarming weapon, and later as a fatal poison.

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the single shot rifle with bayonet

What year did they make BAY STATE shotguns?

Bay State shotguns were made prior to World War 2.

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The Winchester M97, the first pump action shotgun, was massively produced for military use in World War 2. They did not use trench warfare in World War 2. It was a mobile war with modern weaponry.

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