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Thomas Paine was the author of Common Sense and a few other famous pamphlets which decided the course of the American War Of Independence.

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Q: Was Thomas Paine the author of Common Sense?
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Who was the author of the Common Sense Thomas?

It was actually a pamphlet and it was written by Thomas Paine.

Who was the author for common sense?

thomas Paine

Document written by Thomas Paine?

Thomas Paine was the author of Common Sense

Who was thomas Paine was the author of?

Common Sense

Thomas Paine was the author?

Thomas Payne is the author of "Common Sense"

Author of common sense and the crisis?

That author is Thomas Paine.

Facts about Thomas Paine?

he was the author of common sense

What was the main point or intent or the author of common sense?

Thomas Paine was theauthor of Common Sense

What are the achievements that Thomas Paine common sense?

Common sense thomas Paine books achievements

Who wrote the pamphlet called Common Sense?

Thomas Paine authored Common Sense which helped add fuel for the Revolutionary WarThomas Paine

Who was Thomas Paine during the Revolutionary War?

Author of "Common Sense"

The author of the best-selling pamphlet Common Sense was?

Thomas Paine