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At first, it was going to be named Welcome To Mollywood, and then Welcome To Hollywood, then Welcome To Holliwood. Then they decided to name the show Sonny With A Chance. I'm GLAD they changed it!

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Q: Was Sonny with a chance really going to be named Sonny with a chance?
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What animals are in Sonny With a Chance?

There really isnt any STAR animals, but in one episode there is a dog named Gassie that they used in a sketch.

Is demi lovato going to be in Sonny With a Chance anymore?

No. She decided to quit. So they re-named the show "So Random". The characters are Tawni,Nico,Grady,Zora and Chad Dylan Cooper is replacing Sonny.

Why is sonny from Sonny With a Chance named sonny?

Well, the actress' name is Demi Lovato, but on the show her name is Sonny. i found her real name on the show is Allison but they call her sonny and the actress' name is Demi

Is Sonny with a chance welcome to mollywood?

Yes.They first named it 'welcome to Molliwood',then welcome to Mollywood,then welcome to Holliwood.And finally they said it should be Sonny with a Chance,and thought that was SO much better!

Is there a person named Chad Dylan Cooper?

There is on Sonny with a Chance. As for in real life, you never know.

Who plays little evil girl named Dakota in Sonny With a Chance?

Genevieve "G" Hannelius

Is sonny ever going to be on disney channel again?

Not really, because Disney Channel has a spin off show named So Random, and this does not include her, so I have to say no.

Sonny With a Chance why did they fire sonny?

Well, in Sonny with a secret, Sonny was fired because she was accused of stealing the Sicky Vicky character from a girl named Vicky Sickowitz. She was also fired because she was making the ratings go down. But in the end she was hired back. :)

What celebrity is named Doug?

Doug Brochu i think is how you spell his name. He is on Disney channel and plays in so random and sonny with a chance

What show was demi on before Sonny With a Chance?

Demi was on Camp Rock. She was also on a 15min. or 5min. show named "As The Bell Rings"

Why did they cancel Sonny With a Chance?

Sonny With a Chance was never canceled. Sonny (DEMI LOVATO) went into rehab because she had an eating disorder and was harming her body (Cutting her body). The show will continue for another season but named So Random as Demi will not be in it. The next season will hopefully include Demi and change its name back to the way it was but she may not be out of rehab.

Is there a folksinger named Sonny?

Maybe you're looking for Sonny Black or Sonny Bow Williamson?See the links below: