Was Moses good or bad

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Was Moses good or bad
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What did moses spies report about the promise land?

The spies brought good and bad news, they said the men were giants.

Are Christians immoral?

Christians have a moral code that is based on the 10 Commandments that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai - there are good Christians and bad ones, but most Christians know when they are being bad, because they have been taught that they should be good.

Who in the Bible had bad breath?

see Job 19:17

What kind of person was Moses?

Moses was a strong, kind and help full person. He stood for what he believed in.

Why was the nickname Moses good for Harriet Tubman?

''Moses was a good nickname for Harriet Tubman because slaves compared Moses to Harriet. They did this because in the Bible, Moses led his people out of slavery in Egypt just like Harriet helped slaves run away to freedom on the Underground Railroad.''

Is Moses an only child?

No, he had an older brother Aaron and an older sister (that I can't remember a name for). Aaron is mentioned in the Bible when God commands Moses to go before Pharaoh and Moses requests Aaron to go with him since Moses was (at least in his mind) a bad speaker.

Good is to bad as bad is to ..?


Who would win wren vs bad wren?

Bad wren would kill wren and breake his head off ok moses

Who convinced the pharaoh to free the hebrews and also led them out of Egypt?


Who is the good shepherd?

Joseph is the good shepherd, and the example of the true Good Shepherd to come, Jesus.

Will Moses lake have a bad winter?

i have lived in moses lake for 6 years. our inters are very wierd..... its either 24 degrees out with no snow or 45 degrees out with melting snow

What is a good well-being?

moses is the coolest kid around