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No. Jesse James's life and death predated the popularization of motorcycles.

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Q: Was Jesse James in a motorcycle gang?
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How many people were in the Jesse James gang?

There were 5 people in the Jesse James gang, called the Jesse - younger gang. Robert Ford killed Jesse. On Ford's gravestone, it says, "Robert Ford, the coward who killed Jesse James". I'm only saying this because Robert Ford was Jesse's cousin, and was also a part of the gang.

When did Jesse James start his gang?

in 1800

Who was in James gang?

Robert Ford frqank ford Jesse James ect...

Is Jesse Gregory James in the Detroit highwaymen motorcycle club?


Did Jesse Gregory James die?

No, the car and motorcycle customizer Jesse G. James is alive as of 2014. (birthdate April 19, 1969)

Did frank James rob with Jesse James?

yes, he did. they both started the james-younger gang together.

What detective agency went after Jesse James Gang?

The Pinkerton Detective Agency. Pinkerton and Jesse James had an intense dislike of each other.

What was jesse James most famous?

Jesse James was the most notorious member of the James-Younger Gang. James is also known for robbing banks, stagecoaches, trains and committing many homicides.

What motorcycle club does Jesse James belong to?

None he's just a 81 supporter

Who all was in Jesse James gang?

Matthew, Nate, Dusty, Jared, Chaz, and Shawn

Was Jesse James shot in Northfield Minnesota?

No Jesse James was Not shot here in Minnesota,,, nor was he ever here it was just his gang that tried to rob the bank in northfield

What was the first motorcycle gang in America?

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) was the first American motorcycle gang.