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Yes he was an robber baron

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Very definitely he was a robber baron.

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Q: Was J.P. Morgan a robber baron?
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Are there robber baron today?

J.P Morgan was one, he owned JP Morgan & co. bank that in 2000 joined with chase bank theat now is JP Morgan Chase & Co. which is chase today. He also owned United States Steel co. and he owned alot of things and he was a millionare. he had two wifes and four kids. he gave a national art musseum alot of art and for that he got a gemstone named after him, morganite. i also heard mitt romney was a robber baron because he owns oil off the coast and he is rich but im not sure. but i know jp morgan was. :)

Who was the greatest robber baron?

J.P. Morgan

Why was JP Morgan better than the other robber barons?

becauses hes a good guy

When was Robber Baron Music created?

Robber Baron Music was created in 2006.

What does jp stand for in jp Morgan?

John Pierpoint Morgan

Was Mark Hopkins a robber baron?

He was a robber baron. He worked for the railroads in California. (A robber baron was a business leader who became wealthy through dishonest methods.)

Company co-founded by JP Morgan?

JP Morgan and Associates.

What does the JP In Financier JP Morgan stand for?

John Pierpont Morgan

What does JP mena in JP Morgan the financer?

john pierpont Morgan

Which robber baron is best known for consolidating Carnegie Steel and the National Steel Company into U.S. Steel in 1901?

J.P Morgan

Are Chase Banks and JP Morgan Chase Bank affiliated?

Yes. JP Morgan Chase owns JP Morgan and Chase Bank.

What is the iban number for jp Morgan chase?

The IBAN number for JP Morgan Chase is your routing number. The SWIFT code for JP Morgan Chase is: CHASUS33