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No, Darwin knew nothing about Mendel's ideas and work. His, Darwin's, heritability concept was absolutely wrong. There is a legend that Darwin had a copy of Mendel's work in his desk but could not read German. The veracity of this story is often challenged.

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Q: Was Darwin influenced by Mendels ideas about genetics?
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What well known process was important and developing both mendels and Darwin's ideas?

pay attention in class

What well known process was important in developing both mendels and Darwin's ideas?

pay attention in class

What evidence from fossils and rock layers influenced Darwin ideas?

dont no

What ideas from geology influenced Darwin?

the idea that the earth was very young

What scientist had ideas about evolution and adaptation that influenced Darwin?

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

Joins together the ideas of modern genetics with Darwin's theory of natural selection?

The neodarwinian synthesis.

Scientist whos ideas about evolution were the same as darwins?

scientist whose ideas about evolution were the same as Darwin's- Wallace geologist who influenced Darwin- Lyell geologist who influenced Darwin- Hutton scientist whose ideas about evolution and adaptation influenced Darwin- Lamarck economist whose ideas about human population influenced Darwin-Malthus

What book did Darwin read that influenced his ideas when he sailed on the Beagle who was the author?

" Principles of Geology. " Charles Lyle.

Who most influenced Darwin's ideas that life could change slowly over a long period of time?

Hutton and Lyell

How Hutton's and lyell's ideas about the formation of the Earth influenced Darwin's ideas about evolution?

Hutton and Lyell studied the geological changes that shaped earth and recognized that the processes that shaped Earth in the past are the same processes that operate in the present. This influenced Darwin's theory of evolution because it shows, that things are constantly changing on earth (the enviorment) so why can't organisms?

What were the main ideas Lamarck proposed that influenced Darwin?

Lamarck proposed that traits acquired during one's lifetime could be passed to the next generation.

Who was Darwin greatly influenced by while on the beagle?

Darwin was not really influenced while on the Beagle but 5 years after he returned to England he was influenced by Alfred Russel Wallace to finally publish his book (the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.) Darwin was afraid to publish his book because in his mind it took away a need for a God. His book challenged the religious and scientific communities. Wallace had come up with the same ideas by himself and was not afraid to share his theories. Darwin wanted to get credit for his work so he published his book and theories first.